Course Format

Each applicant can choose a maximum of 2 courses. Auditor is not accepted.
Each class has a maximum number of enrolled students. When the course is fully enrolled, it will be closed and students will be added to the waiting list. If the waiting number is large, can apply to open another class.
The attendance policy follows the related regulations of Fudan SOE. For details, please refer to the Student Handbook upon orientation.
Teaching Form

All courses are taught by professors from top universities, meeting Australian teaching standard.
1)All courses are taught in English
2)Each course is taught in 15 days. The duration of each class is 3 credit hours, 2 credit hours for professors and 1 credit hours for tutors. All courses strictly follow very high standard teaching Format, to ensure students getting credit transfer successfully.
3) Normally the maximum number for each course is 60. If the number of enrolled students is less than the minimum limit, the sponsoring school will have the right to adjust the course.

Students have to pass their courses in order to receive credits, which will be awarded based on their final grades. During the application process, each student is strongly encouraged to work with his/her home institution, including Study Abroad Office, Registrar's Office or Academic Advisor to determine what courses of the short exchange program are accepted for credit transfer and to clarify the credit transfer procedures.

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